Insplorion hydrogen sensor in new proof-of-concept project

February 8, 2024

Insplorion AB (publ) hereby announces that a proof-of-concept project has been agreed with a large international customer operating in the chemical production field. The order value of the initial project is 0,3 MSEK and involves the delivery of Insplorion protype NPS-P1 sensors.

The intention of this initial project is to demonstrate the performance of an Insplorion H2 sensor prototype in field tests in a highly corrosive environment. The customer has struggled to find a suitable solution for the harsh conditions of its production facility, and the Insplorion technology could potentially be well suited for such environments.

“We are very excited for this project, as it shows the need for new hydrogen sensing capabilities also in this sector. These pilot projects are of great value for Insplorion, as they both demonstrates the need for our sensors and serve as a natural stepping stone into larger commercial projects “, says CEO Johan Rask.

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