Insplorion: Bulletin from the Extraordinary General Meeting

October 18, 2023

Today Insplorion AB (publ) held an Extraordinary General Meeting (the “EGM”) in Gothenburg. The EGM resolved on all items in accordance with the Board of Directors’ proposals in the notice for the EGM. This included the following resolutions.

The EGM adopted new Articles of Association with amended limits for the share capital and the number of shares in the company. Furthermore, the EGM approved the Board of Directors’ resolution on a new issue of shares and warrants with preferential rights for the shareholders.

In short, the rights issue gives the shareholders in the company, as of the record date of October 23, 2023, a right to subscribe for units in relation to their existing shareholdings, whereby each existing share entitles the shareholders to one (1) unit right. One (1) unit right entitles a shareholder a right to subscribe for one (1) unit consisting of one (1) share and one (1) warrant in the company at a subscription price of SEK 1.5. Through the rights issue, the company will initially receive a maximum of SEK 19.6 million, before issue costs. If all warrants are exercised for subscription of new shares, the company will receive a maximum additional SEK 39.3 million, before issue costs.

The EGM also resolved to make additions and amendments to the Articles of Association in accordance with the proposal presented in the notice.

The resolutions mentioned above were supported by shareholders representing at least two thirds of both the votes cast and the shares represented at the EGM.

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