Insplorion and Leading Light starts collaboration to take smart lighting with air quality sensors to the market

December 19, 2018
Leading Light are today selling smart lighting systems to cities and municipalities that aim to reduce their environmental impact through efficient energy management for their lighting solutions. Insplorion’s air quality sensor fits into Leading Lights products both due to their customers environmental awareness as well as the simple integration to the existing technical platform.

"We are very happy to have our first commercial collaboration for our NOX sensor with Leading Light. It is a natural step from the developments within the LoV-IoT project where we have seen the increased interest among cities to monitor air quality. The results from the sensor development project are promising and we are now entering the next phase”, comments Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO at Insplorion.

The collaboration covers both that the companies agrees to integrate Insplorions NOx sensor into the Leading Light IQ solution as well as collaborative marketing efforts.

"We see an opportunity to strengthen our product offer to cities by offering air quality monitoring in addition to our lighting solutions. The combination with smart LED lighting from us with Insplorion’s sensor allows us to meet an increasing demand from cities and address the need from multiple departments within the city administration", comments Niclas Perkman, CEO at Leading Light.

Questions are answered by:
Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO Insplorion AB, +46 723 62 32 61 or

About Insplorion
Insplorion’s nano sensors revolutionize battery control and air quality measurements, and opens new fields of research with measurement instruments within catalysis, material- and life science through the platform NanoPlasmonic sensing (NPS). For more information, please visit

About Leading Light
Leading Light AB is a Swedish company which develops, manufactures and sells smart luminaires for sustainable cities. Our lighting products and systems allows municipality, real estate owner and energy companies to achieve their energy targets and at the same time create a more secure environment. For more information, please visit

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