First Insplorion Acoulyte sold to University of Wisconsin-Madison

December 29, 2016
Insplorion today sold its first Insplorion Acoulyte instrument to Prof. Joel Pedersen at Departments of Soil Science, Chemistry and Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Insplorion Acoulyte was introduced to Prof. Joel Pedersen’s lab in beginning of December and docked on to their QCM-D instrument. After an initial demo and brief training was the Acoulyte left in the lab for a two-week trial period. The initial results were successful resulting in the first Insplorion Acoulyte sale. The Acoulyte instrument list price is almost 0,5 MSEK where customary academic- and reference customer discount has been allied.

“We are excited to have the Acoulyte in our lab. Combining nanoplasmonic sensing with QCM-D allows us to simultaneously measure the dry (optical) and wet (acoustic) mass of protein and polymer adlayers on the same sensor and to acquire information on water content and adsorbate conformation. The Acoulyte complements our Q-Sense instrument and fits well with my research on environmental chemistry, for example helping us understand the behavior of prions in the environment and the interaction of polymers with model cell surfaces,” Says Prof. Joel Pedersen, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“We are very glad that it is the Pedersen lab at UW-Madison that gets the first Acoulyte unit as we are well aware of the quality research they are doing with the QCM-D, and we are certain that they will be a good reference centre. It is also exiting that we now have an example of how the Acoulyte instrument can have a faster sales process than we have previously seen with the X1 and XNano”,   comments Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO of Insplorion.

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