Cooperation with AGM Batteries Ltd in full swing

12 Oct 2016

Insplorion recently visited the battery manufacturer AGM Batteries Ltd in Thurso on the north coast of Scotland. The purpose of the trip was to start up the development project where Insplorions battery sensor integrated in the AGM’s commercial battery cells and at the same time gain a deeper knowledge about the production process of batteries. The project is now in full swing where Insplorion’s optical fibers are started to be tested in AGM’s factory. The first test refers sensor robustness and integration. The project is funded by a multinational power component company and is planned to take 6-9 months.

AGM Batteries’ clients range from early battery developers with interest in the upscaling of new battery materials, to sports car manufacturers and military applications with high demands on quality, form factor and performance. AGM also lead the development of a new integrated battery management system (BMS), funded by the British Advanced Propulsion Centre with £ 5.4M. This project is implemented jointly with electronic developer Dukosi, Cosworth and Johnson Matthey Battery Systems which supplies power trains and battery systems for exclusive high-performance electric vehicles. The goal of this three-year project is to better control the Li-ion batteries and to strengthen the UK’s role as a manufacturer of high-end batteries.

“AGM Batteries is a natural partner for us in this phase, since they have the strength on the manufacturing of advanced batteries and the knowledge of how to scale-up larger volume production” says Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO Insplorion. “AGM are used to adapt their production to specific needs. They offer a broad knowledge of different battery types and designs, they have a factory with the width of the scale of production batteries. AGM’s development of BMS also shows that we have a common analysis of needs regarding better battery management system. We know that today’s battery system can not be controlled with sufficient reliability, which means that a large part of the battery performance can not be utilized. We see many synergies with having parallel projects, which both we and AGM can benefit from each other’s progress.”

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