Center for Swedish Batteries, where Insplorion is responsible for the sensor technology, granted SEK 34 million from Vinnova

June 25, 2019
Center for Swedish Batteries (SweBAL) is a competence center under the leadership of Professor Kristina Edström, Uppsala University. The partners include Chalmers University of Technology, KTH, RISE, ABB, Volvo, Northvolt, Höganäs, Saft, Scania and Stena. The purpose of the center is to strengthen Sweden's competitiveness in the field of batteries. Insplorion's battery sensors will be used, among other things, in the operational development work. The competence center runs for five years with a budget of SEK 114 million, where Vinnova granted SEK 34 million and other funding comes from participating parties.

Vinnova is investing in eight new centers of excellence, where universities and companies together will conduct world-class research and education in areas that are important for Sweden. One of these is about batteries that focus on research to create new types of lightweight, inexpensive, environmentally friendly and safe ultra-high energy storage batteries. In the competence centers, universities, research institutes, companies and public actors shall conduct research and education in close cooperation in areas that are important for Sweden's competitiveness. One of three main areas of concern in SweBAL is dedicated to the development of smart cells, where new functionality is built through the implementation of Insplorion's sensors. Here will Northvolt, SAFT, and ABB monitor and manage the development to suit the market needs.

"This competence center will accelerate the transition to a fossil-free energy market. The fact that our battery sensors plays an important role in the development of smart battery cells within the center is of course encouraging. The involvement of private actors are of great importance to us, where we through the center will be able to strengthen existing and create new collaborations”, comments Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO at Insplorion.

The Center for Swedish Batteries (SweBAL) has the overall goal of developing high-performance batteries and new manufacturing processes of batteries to consolidate Sweden's strong position at the forefront of battery development in Europe and internationally.

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