Successful results in multiplex battery sensor development project

10 Mar 2021

The project “A multiplex plasmonic battery sensor for improved battery control”, funded by the Swedish Energy Agency’s Battery Fund Program, has been finalized with positive results. Insplorion’s battery sensor and the underlying measurement technology NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS) have been improved within the project. Among other things, the sensor’s long-term stability and reproducibility have been enhanced.

The development work has led to an improved integration of the sensor in coin cells, which has made it possible to obtain data with high statistics and reproducibility. The chemical stability of the sensor, and thus its service life, has been improved by coating the sensor with an ultra-thin, approximately 50 nm thick, layer of a chemically stable polymer. Commercial electrodes and electrolytes have been used to further increase the reproducibility of the data obtained. Within the framework of the project, the sensor signal has also been correlated with chemical processes, such as the loss of capacity and the state of charge of the cells. Measurements have mainly been performed on lithium ion whole and half cells with graphite anodes and lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathodes.

In this project, the first steps have been taken to develop a multiplex sensor for simultaneous measurements of chemical / structural changes and temperature changes, inside battery cells, with a single fiber probe. Work on developing a multiplex sensor will now continue at Insplorion.

“Now we have shown that we can measure the temperature inside the battery cell at the same time as chemical changes, which the market has demanded since we introduced our battery sensor. The greater accuracy achieved by measuring the temperature inside the cell further strengthens our sensor’s contribution to optimizing the entire battery pack”, says Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO of Insplorion.

The project was financed by the Swedish Energy Agency’s Battery Fund Program and was a collaboration between Insplorion AB and Chalmers University of Technology. CEVT AB has conducted a market research within the project. The project has been supported by a reference group consisting of representatives from AMTE Power Ltd (UK), CEVT AB (Sweden), Dukosi Ltd (UK) and SAFT Batteries (France).

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