Metal Alloys for H2 Sensors

June 28, 2021

It was in a course called Surface and Nanophysics I was first introduced to the nanoscale hydrogen sensors and I grew interest from the interesting physics and important applications.

My thesis has involved alloying nanodisk of Pd with other metals in order to tune the sensor properties. For the application of fuel cell monitoring, a PdNi and a PdCu alloy was investigated on their high hydrogen concentration sensing performance. The results for the alloys are promising with increased sensitivity for high concentrations compared to pure Pd. I also looked into a low hydrogen concentration sensor for safety applications made of PdAg.

From my work, I have learned that nanplasmonic sensing really is a complex subject even though it handles very small things! I have been able to split my time between the testing lab at Chalmers and exciting meetings at Insplorion. Insplorion is an innovative, caring and fun place to work and I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to join this team!

/Norea Bjerde

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