Insplorion User at the Forefront of Antiviral Research

March 18, 2020

Prof. Cho has been leading antiviral research since 2007 and is the pioneer of the LEAD concept (Lipid Envelope Antiviral Disruption). His team’s work revolves around solving global health problems with an engineering approach. As a Korean citizen working in Singapore, he has had first hand experience in different ways of handling this type of pandemic situations. You can read his recent interview regarding Covid-19 with Seoul Economy here (in Korean, use google translate or similar).

While the focus of his research is on finding ways to destroy the lipidic envelop of viruses, like the one causing the Covid-19, part of his work in the field was done using Insplorion’s technology and published as early as 2015. You can follow Prof. Cho’s research profile on our website. As a company, it is great to see that our technology can support the great work being done in the forefront of research and healthcare development.

If you are interested in the research done by Prof. Namjoon Cho using Insplorion’s NPS technology, we suggest reading Application Note 20: Capture and Sensing of Virus-like Particles Using Plasmonic Nanoholes.

[1] Jackman, J.A., Costa, V.V., Park, S. et al. Therapeutic treatment of Zika virus infection using a brain-penetrating antiviral peptide. Nature Mater 17, 971–977 (2018).

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