Insplorion in Nanovation podcast – Collective oscillations

February 19, 2019

The conversation became an educational and entertaining Nanovation podcast. Listen for yourself!

Table of content (minutes in the podcast)
05:40 The founding of Insplorion.
07:00 What is Nanoplasmonic sensing?
11:00 What is the key benefit with nps?
15:15 What was the first focus in Insplorion’s beginning 2008?
21:10 Sensing within the automotive industry.
25:00 How can nps help tomorrow’s EV:s?
29:30 How does it work?
34:20 Where does the light come from?
37:00 Is there any cars with nps today?
38:30 To create an afterlife for the batteries.
40:00 Is it possible with nps in smartphones?
41:30 How is the air quality sensing going?
44:15 Is multi plexing possible?
48:00 What makes you nervous?

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