Insplorion in Nanovation podcast – Collective oscillations

February 19, 2019
Insplorion's Patrik Dalqvist, CEO and Elin Langhammer, CTO, joined Professor Michael Filler to talk about the company's birth, the science behind their nanoplasmonic sensor technology, their early attempts to achieve product-market fit, and how their technology promises to dramatically improve the performance and lifetime of batteries in electric vehicles.

The conversation became an educational and entertaining Nanovation podcast. Listen for yourself!

Table of content (minutes in the podcast)
05:40 The founding of Insplorion.
07:00 What is Nanoplasmonic sensing?
11:00 What is the key benefit with nps?
15:15 What was the first focus in Insplorion’s beginning 2008?
21:10 Sensing within the automotive industry.
25:00 How can nps help tomorrow’s EV:s?
29:30 How does it work?
34:20 Where does the light come from?
37:00 Is there any cars with nps today?
38:30 To create an afterlife for the batteries.
40:00 Is it possible with nps in smartphones?
41:30 How is the air quality sensing going?
44:15 Is multi plexing possible?
48:00 What makes you nervous?

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