Insplorion 100th publication

April 9, 2021
I think I can speak for all of us when I say that 2020 will not go to the history books as an “amazing year”. A pandemic flipped the world up-side down and we had to adapt to a new kind of normal. Also, for Insplorion it was a different year. Many of us have been working mostly from home and some of our collaborators have been in partial lockdowns. Despite the challenges, we have been able to keep a good pace and move forward within all our business areas. When we finally entered 2021, we did it with a bang. Only 2 weeks into the new year, the 100th article using our scientific instruments was published.

When we started this journey, 13 years ago, as researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, I could only dream about us reaching this milestone. A lot has happened since we took our first steps from the Physics building out into the start-up-world. Since then, we have changed name, outgrew offices, launched new products, dived into several projects on various scales and welcomed new members to the Insplorion family.

So, back to the 100th publication, it came from two of our reference customers. Nam-Joon Cho in Singapore and Josh Jackman in Korea. They have used our instruments extensively for several years and know the technology very well. In total they have published 30 articles using our instruments. This time they dug deep into protein adsorption on different sensor surfaces.

We are not able to travel ourselves to visit prof. Cho or prof. Jackman, so instead we will send them a gift to show our gratitude. We know the struggle in the lab and late-night writings, so hopefully this will help you keep the caffeine levels high and the drinks warm.

I would also like to thank all the authors to the other 99 publications we have out there. We are happy that you see the strength in our technology and the versatility of the instruments.

And to existing and future customers; the race for the 200th publication begins now!

Elin Langhammer, CTO

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