Hydrogen sensors, anyone?

November 23, 2018

The sensing element for hydrogen detection has since been further developed within the Langhammer group at Chalmers University in several steps, while we within Insplorion focused on the developing and miniaturizing the overall sensor platform. We are now at a stage where we have combined these efforts and can see that it matches up very nicely.

So now we want to dig deeper into the specific needs that are out there. There is a general trend for the need for faster H2 gas alarms in some applications that we would like to know more about. We see needs in the fuel cell area but want to know about other application areas as well.

So what limitations do you see with current sensors in your area? Frustrated about the need for calibration? Sensitivity or selectivity not good enough?  Let us know!

Our Key Benefits Are;

  • Superior response time
  • Sub 5-ppm detection limit
  • High selectivity
  • No or limited need for calibration (resistant to poisoning)

Get back to me Maryam at maryam.nasirpour@insplorion.com or +46 (0)725 0356 88.

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