Hydrogen Sensor

Insplorion's hydrogen sensor uses our NPS technology and is incorporated into our gas sensing platform. It can be applied in safety applications to promote the growth of hydrogen infrastructure.

The world’s fastest Hydrogen Sensor

Insplorion’s hydrogen sensors show a sub-second response time, making them the fastest in the world. The sensors are accurate, stable and work under a wide range of concentrations (from ppm to 100% H2). They are ideally suited for applications in safety, and may be used for process control and optimization.

All of Insplorion’s products make use of nanoplasmonic sensing to enable fast, extremely sensitive, and compact sensors with a large dynamic range.


Insplorion’s hydrogen sensor can be used in a number of applications including safety for vehicles, generators, maritime on-board power supplies, power-to-gas infrastructure, and biogas refineries. It can also be used to improve understanding of fuel cells during development and to optimize their operation. 


Hydrogen has great potential for producing both electricity and heat. Over the years various industries have used hydrogen, and recently private use has also been made possible. Today the market for the production, transportation, and storage of hydrogen is growing, but it faces issues with being perceived as unsafe. Therefore, the hydrogen economy calls for better and faster sensors to create reliable safety systems. That’s where Insplorion’s hydrogen sensor comes in as the world’s fastest sensor with very high sensitivity and accuracy.

Development Collaborations

We are developing the hydrogen sensor further in collaboration with PowerCell AB and Chalmers University of Technology (Press Release).  

This project involves the integration of previously developed sensor chips with Insplorion’s gas sensing platform, while adapting the system to the requirements and needs of industry partners such as PowerCell, global leader within fuel cell technology. The project is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and will conclude in January of 2022.

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