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Read more about Insplorion, a small, hard-working, curious startup with great knowledge in technology areas that will be ground-breaking! We are located at Medicinareberget in Gothenburg!


Our group in Gothenburg is now looking for:

Development Engineer; Technology developer – battery sensor

The role as development engineer can be developed differently depending on your area of interest. You will work with the development of our battery sensor. Some of the time you’ll work on building battery cells with sensors and conducting tests on them. Other times you will work with the analysis and interpretation of the data obtained and participate in the discussion on further development steps and tests. You will be responsible for an effective knowledge transfer between Insplorion and our partners mainly in the UK and will therefore visit them on several occasions.

Do you think it sounds like an interesting challenge and do you have:
• Good theoretical and technical background. Preferably a doctorate in the battery field or similar industrial experience.
• Good social skills, you are comfortable with customer and partner contact.
• Ability to work flexibly and freely but at the same time be able to structure your work situation.
• The will to work with communication on some days, and spend other days with practical and laboratory work.
• Experience and drive to work in an international environment.
• The opportunity to live with a flexible everyday life that may include travel, presentations for customers/partners etc.
• Good ability to communicate in English.

What do we offer?
• An important, visible role in building a company. Your contribution is needed, visible and noticed!
• A role in a team that alternately leads and drives the customer into our joint projects.
• Our group; a flat organization that wants to keep the discussion alive both in terms of organization, development of the company and the development of our solutions and applications.
• A clear mentorship that gives you the opportunity to grow in importance both with our partners and with us in the company.
• Your role is as important as your colleagues in our work to give Insplorion’s technology an important place in future research and product development.
• Opportunities to act on an international market, travel, presentations, demonstrations nationally and internationally.

For more information, contact Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO of Insplorion, +46 (0) 723 62 32 61 or our recruitment consultant Ewa Lannér, Lannér & Co, +46 708 35 35 92.
Please send your application to We are looking for a fast process and therefore encourage you to send your application as soon as possible. We will work continuously with the selection. Welcome with your application/notice of interest!


Insplorion is in a growth phase so even though you don’t apply for a special position,  please send a general application to