Collaboration with Manhattan College with new applications in sight

June 4, 2021

Insplorion’s research instruments are proving to be invaluable when looking at the human skin interface and its interaction with a variety of materials. A vast number of publications from our community is in topics related to lipid structures and our first industrial customer is using our instruments in their product development in detergents and cosmetics. It is therefore natural for us to further strengthen this area with a strategic collaboration with Prof. Samiul Amin at Manhattan College for the development of applications with the Nanoplasmonic Sensing Technology. Prof. Samiul Amin has extensive knowledge in applied research and an impressive background in global industries, mainly within Biopharma and Cosmetics. The collaboration encompasses the development of applications in these areas and opens a door into more applied research fields and opportunities. I am very happy to see that NPS’s potential in these areas is being noticed and very much look forward to seeing the outcome of this collaboration.

In my opinion, the versatility of our technology is one of its key characteristics and I expect this to be the first of many steps towards new applications.

Or as prof. Samiul Amin puts it: “Understanding interactions of various complex fluids (protein, polyelectrolytes, surfactant, emulsions) with solid surfaces is a critical insight required for controlling   and optimizing cosmetic and biopharmaceutical product performance. I see strong potential of the Insplorion Nanoplasmonic Sensing Technology in providing new insights in this critical area and allowing development of new products and optimization of current products.  I am really looking forward to the start of very fruitful collaboration between Insplorion and Manhattan College.”

I am very excited to see what will come out of our collaboration!

Until next time,

João Rosa

You can learn more about Prof. Samiul Amin and his research here.

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