Christian’s first visit to AGM for InBAT follow-up

May 28, 2019

My name is Christian Sundvall and I am the most recent member of Insplorion’s family. I have a background in materials science and nanotechnology, have worked for more than five years in a green tech nanotechnology start-up, and am joining Insplorion as a Development Engineer working mainly with the recently initiated Eurostars project. Throughout the project’s lifetime I will be working together with our partner AGM Batteries towards realizing and optimizing the NanoPlasmonics Sensing (NPS) probe for operando measurements in Li-ion batteries: the InBAT sensor. 

Earlier this month I joined Elin, our CTO, and Saima as our small delegation from Insplorion visited AGM Batteries in sunny (believe it or not) Thurso, Scotland, for a follow-up meeting with the Eurostars project. Productive talks and discussions were had, and the spirits were high as both parties remain highly motivated by and invested in the pursuit of enabling a more sustainable future through smarter battery technologies.  

Going forward I expect to be spending some time at AGM Batteries as we continue to develop and improve our sensor probe, and though I will be going there for work I am confident I will be enjoying the familiar company of our friends at AGM. I also hope I will be able to see and do some of the other wonderful things Scotland has to offer. Whisky comes to mind, for example. 

Take care, everyone, and see you around! 


The Insplorion delegation (from left: Saima, Elin, Christian) at Dunnet Head, with the Hoy island in the background.
Hard at work at the AGM site. 

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