Reference Customer: Nam-Joon Cho

Title: Professor

University: Nanyang Technological University

Department: School of Materials Science and Engineering; School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Country: Singapore

System: XNano, Acoulyte

Professor Cho and his group have already published several research articles based on his work with the Acoulyte and XNano systems. His projects have focused on characterizing the interactions of biomacromolecules with solid supports along with evaluating the performance of drug candidates.

In combination with other sensor technologies, NPS has enabled unparalleled mechanistic insights into biomacromolecular interactions. Such information has positively contributed to the group’s overall objective to address outstanding global health problems by employing interfacial science and biomaterial approaches. His passion for translational and regenerative medicine has been recognized by several prestigious international honors and awards from the American Liver Foundation and Beckman Foundation, as well as fueled collaborations with leading global universities and companies, including Chalmers University of Technology and Roche Ltd.

Visit Professor Nam-Joon Cho’s website here.

Or read a post about his collaboration with Insplorion here.

Nam-Joon Cho

Professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering and School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Nanyang Technological University

“The integration of NPS sensors with acoustic sensor techniques for simultaneous measurements on the same sensing surface enables unparalleled capabilities for probing the hydration and non-hydration mass properties of biological and biomaterial systems”,

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