InAir-NO2 – Updates from the Team

The spring and summer months have been filled with both production and commercial activities for the Insplorion InAir-NO2 sensor. While our applications team engage in customer- and field tests with… 15 Jul 2021

Metal Alloys for H2 Sensors

Hello everyone! My name is Norea and this spring I have had the opportunity to do my master’s thesis in physics here at Insplorion. It was in a course called… 28 Jun 2021

AQ Field Tests – Lund Students

While early commercial deliveries are underway with our InAir-NO2, we continue  to explore new possibilities with our sensor platform. Combining the sensor data with Artificial Intelligence methods is one of… 28 Jun 2021

Collaboration with Manhattan College with new applications in sight

Insplorion increases activity in applied research in Biopharma and Cosmetics through collaboration with Manhattan College Insplorion’s research instruments are proving to be invaluable when looking at the human skin interface… 04 Jun 2021

The ACES project – The first step for Insplorion’s sensors in commercial batteries for energy storage

The Adaptive Control of Energy Storage (ACES) project aimed to develop and demonstrate adaptive optimisation of battery energy storage services, using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The project was funded… 15 Apr 2021

Insplorion 100th publication

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that 2020 will not go to the history books as an “amazing year”. A pandemic flipped the world… 09 Apr 2021

Q&A with Authors of Recent Plastic Plasmonics Publication

One of the great things about Insplorion is its ability to bridge the gap between research done by academics and the industry. When it comes to the hydrogen sensor project,… 27 Nov 2020

High Tech Venture Days

On-site and On-demand! That is how this year’s High Tech Venture Days took place over the last week. We were one of 40 high tech start-ups that were selected to… 28 Oct 2020

Bridge Summit 2020

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of presenting Insplorion at this year’s Bridge Summit organized by The Bridge. The panel to which we were invited addressed the challenge of “Reducing… 09 Oct 2020

XNano for Virus Detection Research at Malmö

Finally, I am on the road again to visit customers! I was so happy about this, even when waking up ridiculously early to get an extremely early morning train to… 30 Sep 2020