Battery sensors which give you access to unique information

Our advanced battery sensor is placed at the inside of the battery cell. This allows you to access previously hidden information while your battery is being cycled. 

Battery Sensors

Sensors for increased performance

Optimise your batteries by accessing more energy from them. Increase the charge rate at the same time as you improve the safety. This is now possible with our NPS technology. 


Detect abnormalities such as increased temperature or reduced performance in real time from inside the cell for improved safety.


Real time data and precise information from inside the cell allow you to push the limits for utilising the full potential of your battery and ultimately its performance.

Longer Life

Previously inaccessible data allows for more precise control of each cell, leading to significantly reduced risks and longer battery lifetimes. The sensors will also enable a second-life market by providing information about battery health.

Insplorion 8 Channel Analyzer


The Insplorion 8 Channel Analyzer will provide you with useful information from the inside of the battery cell. In research and development, our sensor will contribute to shortened development times and increased understanding of internal processes within the battery cell. This information can help you utilize the full potential of your battery and push its limitations to the border.

On-Board Sensors

Optimising your batteries

The Insplorion sensors will contribute to improve battery performance and lifetime for on-board applications such as electric vehicles, grid supply and industrial power tools. They will also enable a second-life market by providing information about battery health. By quickly identifying defect cells the overall safety level will also increase.

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NanoPlasmonic Sensing

inside information from the battery cell

The Insplorion sensors are metal nanostructures on a fiber that act as optical “antennas”. The sensor signal tracks changes at the surface by measuring differences in effective refractive index. This allows you to monitor for instance material, concentration and temperature variations.

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