Battery sensor development

March 15, 2022

Our product development engineer Christian is building coin cells with integrated fiber optic battery sensors. The work must be done in a glove box since some of the materials in the battery cannot be exposed to normal room environmental conditions.

Today’s battery monitoring, where you measure voltage and in combination with Coulomb counting, does not always provide you with enough information in order to make the best or the most accurate estimations of the battery conditions. We at Insplorion are working on developing battery sensors located inside the battery cell in order to provide additional information which will improve the accuracy of the estimations done. With more accurate estimations, the wide safety margins could be reduced allowing you to utilize more capacity in your batteries. Essentially, this will help making the battery pack lighter, smaller, and more efficient.

In our battery lab we are running test cycles to further improve our sensor technology. In this test we are studying fast charging with the aim that our technology should be able to increase the information base and for example allow the end users to be able to charge their electrical cars even faster.

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