Gas sensors for tomorrow’s air quality monitoring.

Our advanced air quality sensors enable you to measure and monitor pollutants in a wide range of challenging environments, integrated in the Smart City network, and in ventilation control systems.

Insplorion NO2 gas sensor

Our NO2 gas sensors enables accurate monitoring of relevant levels of NO2 in urban environments.

The NPS platform enables robust, sensitive and versatile real-time measuring, setting our solution ahead of the rest. The sensors are compact, easy to mount and can be used to create a complete view of pollutants circulating in a given system.

Real-time measuring

By continuous monitoring of NO2 levels, trends of pollutants can be identified.

Compact and easy to mount

The sensor is protected by a slim casing, and is connected with a serial adapter.


All sensors are individually calibrated to enable high reliability and sensitivity down to ppb level.

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NanoPlasmonic Sensing

The Insplorion NO2 gas sensor relies on the principle of NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS). NPS is a disruptive technology utilizing optical read-out of metal nanostructures.

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