Air Quality Sensor

Insplorion offers a range of air quality monitors with a variety of applications, from smart cities to ventilation systems. Insplorion’s InAir NO2 sensor and Air Quality Monitor provide sensitive and stable monitoring of a variety of different pollutants. The sensors are small, easy to mount and network together to build a complete view of the pollutants circulating in any given system in real-time.

Insplorion’s NO2 Sensor

InAir sensors are small and cost effective making them easy to install at multiple locations. With multiple sensor it is then easy to form a network between them to get in-depth analytics of the NO2 levels through an entire system.

All of Insplorion’s products use nanoplasmonic sensing which allows them to be cost effective while being extremely sensitive, detecting pollutants in the ppb range. The sensors are very small, but despite this, they have multiple sensing areas that can be used to expand the sensing capability beyond NO2 and detect several different pollutants at once. The sensing technology also allows for sensor response times to be very low, in the order of minutes.


Insplorion’s InAir NO2 monitor can be used for a number of applications including:

  • Urban air quality monitoring; particularly in smart cities
  • Ventilation control; in public, commercial, and residential buildings, as well as tunnels and garages
  • Industrial safety; for both workers and the environment


Co-development is fundamental in Insplorion’s approach to commercializing our gas-sensing platform. Click below to learn more about these collaborations.

Leading Light

Insplorion and Leading Light have collaborated to integrate Insplorion’s InAir NO2 monitor into Leading Light’s smart street light. Learn more about “ActiveLights™ IQ-NOx” below.

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Together, Insplorion and IVL (the Swedish Environmental Research Institute), offer a combined measurement system consisting of IVL’s passive samplers and Insplorion’s InAir NO2 monitor. This enables municipalities to obtain more detailed air quality information at a competitive price compared to conventional instruments.

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This Could Be You!

Would you be interested in integrating Insplorion’s InAir NO2 monitor into your products?

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