A Visiting PhD’s Outlook: What an invaluable experience!

March 15, 2019
Do you want to experience research from the business side? Want to learn how to take your research that extra mile?

Being here at Insplorion has shown me how research can turn into a business and given me the chance to evaluate my skills in the context required for professional positions in industry.

I was funded by the EPSRC’s national productivity investment fund to commence this placement. I study at the University of Sheffield and my project utilises in-vitro models of biological membranes, to aid the understanding of biological processes where membrane geometry plays a key regulatory role.

My initial interest in Insplorion started from a seminar and demonstration of the equipment given at my university in 2016. It was shown how a biological process such as protein adsorption onto lipid bilayers could be monitored in real-time. Their instrumentation brings processes that occur at the nano-scale to life!

This opportunity has allowed me to access their unique technology to analyze and investigate lipid bilayer formation and surface chemistry fabrication. I am halfway through my visit and 2 weeks has passed so quickly! I will continue collecting data in the lab and making most of the time I have left here.

I relish the time I have spent at Insplorion and would like to thank everyone for making me feel welcome. They are an approachable and extremely helpful team.

I encourage more students to get in touch with the Insplorion team. Just send over an email, just like I did and you could find yourself here!

Take-away message:

“Networking is key in any field: travel when you can, communicate with people and ask questions, then watch the branches of your tree grow”

Sarina Chand

Making lipid vesicles in the lab: drying lipids under vacuum.

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