Horizon 2020 – Delrapport 1

16 okt 2017

Horison 2020-projektet EBAM (Electric vehicle battery monitoring).

Utdrag ur delrapport 1 för perioden 1 december 2016 – 30 september 2017

”Using Insplorions NPS sensor technology, the battery charge and health can be monitored from inside the battery, which enables a much more accurate and reliable monitoring. The obtained information can be used to increase the performance and lifetime of batteries, which will contribute to more efficient battery systems and increase their competitive advantage compared to fossil based energy sources.

The focus of this project has been a feasibility study of market introduction of the NPS based battery sensor. The findings have validated and strengthened the need for the NPS battery sensor. The NPS technology can add great value over a wide area of applications, enabling more efficient, safer and longer lasting batteries. During the project Insplorion has also been successful in creating long term collaboration partners.”

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