Insplorion X1


The Insplorion X1 instrument provides the opportunity to study processes in/on nanomaterials and thin films in situ and in real-time under practically relevant temperature and pressure conditions.

The X1 measures structural and/or dielectric changes of virtually any nanomaterial or thin film, dielectric as well as metallic, as induced e.g. by gas composition or temperature variations.

The Insplorion X1 instrument includes everything needed to quickly get you started and produce high quality data. The instrument has two sample positions allowing two parallel measurements to be conducted. Our product offer includes all hardware, software, support and initial training to get you started and comfortable with interpreting your obtained results.

Insplorion X1 uses remote optical readout wherefore only the sensor chip, and not the sensitive optical equipment, needs to be placed inside the reaction chamber. X1 can therefore operate at high temperatures (up to 600°C) and normal pressures (atmospheric) and still retain high resolution and flexibility. Extensions to higher/lower temperatures and pressures are possible. Please contact us for further information.

Download a Product Sheet of Insplorion X1