Professor Joel A Pedersen

The Pedersen research group focuses on environmental interfacial chemistry and studies interfacial processes affecting the behavior of nanoparticles, biomolecules, and organic molecules in terrestrial and aquatic environments. Current research topics include molecular-scale interactions of biomolecules with engineered nanoparticles, the processes governing the environmental transmission of prion diseases, and the interaction of polar and ionizable organic molecules with natural organic matter and mineral surfaces.


Professor Joel A Pedersen


University of Wisconsin-Madison


Department of Soil Science





The Insplorion Acoulyte was introduced to Prof. Joel Pedersen’s lab in beginning of December 2016 and docked on to their QCM-D instrument. After an initial demo and brief training the Acoulyte was left in the lab for a two-week trial period. The initial results were successful, resulting in the first Insplorion Acoulyte sale.

“We are excited to have the Acoulyte in our lab. Combining nanoplasmonic sensing with QCM-D allows us to simultaneously measure the dry (optical) and wet (acoustic) mass of protein and polymer adlayers on the same sensor and to acquire information on water content and adsorbate conformation. The Acoulyte complements our Q-Sense instrument and fits well with my research on environmental chemistry, for example helping us understand the behavior of prions in the environment and the interaction of polymers with model cell surfaces,” says Prof. Joel Pedersen, Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor and Associate Editor, Environmental Science: Nano (RSC).

Read the full article about the first Acoulyte sale here or visit Professor Pedersen’s page at the University of Wisconsin-Madison website here.

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