Dr. Hans Fredriksson

In January 2016, Dr. Hans Fredriksson joined Syngaschem BV. His main focus is on investigating fundamental properties of catalysts and correlating these with activity and deactivation using model catalysts, micro reactors and a broad range of characterization techniques.


Dr. Hans Fredriksson


Technische Universiteit Eindhoven


Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry





In 2010, Dr Fredriksson joined Prof. Hans Niemantsverdriet’s group at Eindhoven University of Technology to further pursue his interest in combining nanofabrication and catalysis research. His research topics ranged from the properties of catalysts for purification of the products of biomass gasification, and for methanol production from syngas to the chemical transistor concept. He also addressed enhanced oil-recovery in collaboration with Royal Dutch Shell. Hans worked as daily supervisor of PhD students in the field of catalysis research. He has (co-)authored around 20 research papers on various topics.

“The Insplorion machine, after adding the on-line mass spectrometry, is my main research instrument. For investigating the dynamics of catalysts, in action, it is a very useful instrument.” Dr. Hans Fredriksson.

Hans Fredriksson obtained his MSc degree in Physics at Gothenburg University in Sweden. In 2009, he completed a PhD in material science at the department of applied physics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg in the field of nanofabrication. In particular, he worked on model systems for catalysis and nano-optics research, which he continued for a while as a PostDoc, before he joined Syngaschem BV.

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