Adjunct Professor Susanne Wiedmer

Susanne Wiedmer’s group at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Helsinki in Finland has used XNano since April 2016, when they bought the XNano system from Insplorion. It has for example resulted in the publication of the articles:


Adjunct Professor Susanne Wiedmer


University of Helsinki


Department of Chemistry





“Cholesterol affects the interaction between an ionic liquid and phospholipid vesicles: A study by differential scanning calorimetry and nanoplasmonic sensing” in Biophysica et Biochimica Acta –Biomembranes, “Nanoplasmonic sensing and capillary electrophoresis for fast screening of interactions between phosphatidylcholine biomembranes and surfactants” in Langmuir and just recently “Determination of the main phase transition temperature of phospholipids by nanoplasmonic sensing” in Scientific Reports.

Susanne Wiedmer, active both in research and education, stated in connection to the agreement:

“We are very satisfied to gain full access to Insplorion’s NPS technology in our own laboratory. We are convinced that it will be an important tool in our studies of how ionic liquids affect biomimetic membranes and cell membranes, which is related to their toxicity. Ionic liquids are expected to have a great potential within the forest industry thanks to their excellent solvating capacity for cellulose and biomass”.

Read more about Adjunct Professor Wiedmer and the article at the University of Helsinki website or read more about one of the articles here.

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