Gold, Platinum, and Aluminum Nanodisk Plasmons: Material Independence, Subradiance, and Damping Mechanisms

25 Mar 2011

Localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPR) are collective electronic excitations in metallic nanoparticles. The LSPR spectral peak position, as a function of nanoparticle size and material, is known to depend primarily… Read more

Nanoplasmonic sensing and QCM-D as ultrasensitive complementary techniques for kinetic corrosion studies of aluminum nanoparticles

15 Jan 2011

Corrosion (oxidation) kinetics of Al nanodisks, 262 nm in diameter and 20 nm in height, was measured in degassed Milli-Q water at 23 °C and neutral pH by quartz crystal… Read more

Localized Surface Plasmons Shed Light on Nanoscale Metal Hydrides

23 Aug 2010

Nanometer-sized hydrides are attractive for hydrogen storage. Nanofabricated model systems can be studied by a novel localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) based direct sensing approach and by quartz crystal microbalance. Read more

Indirect Nanoplasmonic Sensing: Ultrasensitive Experimental Platform for Nanomaterials Science and Optical Nanocalorimetry

18 Aug 2010

Indirect nanoplasmonic sensing is a novel experimental platform for measurements of thermodynamics and kinetics in/on nanomaterials and thin films. It features simple experimental setup, high sensitivity, small sample amounts, high… Read more

Size-Dependent Kinetics of Hydriding and Dehydriding of Pd Nanoparticles

31 Mar 2010

Using a new indirect nanoplasmonic sensing method with subsecond resolution, we have studied hydriding and dehydriding kinetics of Pd nanoparticles in the size range 1.8–5.4 nm. Strong particle-size effects are… Read more

Size-dependent hysteresis in the formation and decomposition of hydride in metal nanoparticles

04 Feb 2010

Using a novel indirect nanoplasmonic sensing platform, we have measured hydrogen absorption/desorption isotherms in Pd nanoparticles with an average diameter from 1.8 to 8 nm at 30 °C. The isotherms… Read more

A combined nanoplasmonic and electrodeless quartz crystal microbalance setup

07 Dec 2009

We have developed an instrument combining localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensing with electrodeless quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring (QCM-D). The two techniques can be run simultaneously, on the… Read more

Nanoplasmonic Probes of Catalytic Reactions

22 Oct 2009

Optical probes of heterogeneous catalytic reactions can be valuable tools for optimization and process control because they can operate under realistic conditions, but often probes lack sensitivity. We have developed… Read more

Hole-Mask Colloidal Lithography

29 Nov 2007

Hole-mask colloidal lithography (HCL) represents a truly versatile and simple bottom-up nanofabrication method based on colloidal self-assembly lithographic patterning. The HCL technique provides an effective means of patterning vast surface… Read more

Hydrogen Storage in Pd Nanodisks Characterized with a Novel Nanoplasmonic Sensing Scheme

13 Sep 2007

A novel nanoplasmonic sensing scheme is introduced based on remote real-time detection of induced electronic and shape/structural changes in a metal nanoparticle during the metal−hydride formation process. The localized surface… Read more