Insplorion and Niigata University signs Joint Research Agreement

22 Aug 2018

Insplorion AB has signed a joint research agreement with Niigata University with the aim to investigate and develop next generation sensors for the Insplorion Acoulyte instrument. Professor Kazunari Shinbo at… Read more

Insplorion reaches collaboration agreement with Littelfuse for battery sensor technology

16 Jul 2018

Insplorion AB announced today that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Littelfuse, Inc. for Insplorion’s proprietary NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS) battery sensor technology. The aim is that the collaboration leads… Read more

Insplorion sells an XNano system to Professor Yalong Bai at Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS), China

27 Jun 2018

Professor Yalong Bai at Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, School of Environmental Science & Engineering and his group will use the XNano System for research within detection of pathogens, viruses… Read more

A research institute in Germany acquires an Acoulyte instrument

11 Jun 2018

The research group at the institute works in the field of light triggered biomaterials where the Acoulyte will be used to study real time responses of polymers and proteins. This… Read more

VINNOVA finances Insplorion’s development of the fiber optic sensing platform with 1,7 MSEK

29 May 2018

VINNOVA has granted Insplorion’s project “Development of a Nano-Plasmonic Fiber Optic Sensing Platform for Battery Monitoring” with 1,7 MSEK within the Smarter Electronics System program. The total budget for the… Read more

Insplorion sells X1 system to Prof. Yibin Bu at Southern University of Science and Technology in China

14 May 2018

Professor Yibin Bu at Southern University of Science and Technology, School of Environmental Science & Engineering has previously used the X1 system while acquiring her Ph.D. thesis in the Prof. Read more

Insplorion will demonstrate the battery sensor for energy storage within the EU project ACES

03 May 2018

The EU organization Era-net Smart Energy Systems has granted the project Adaptive Control of Energy System (ACES) almost 10 MSEK to develop and demonstrate new equipment for measurement and test… Read more

Change in number of shares in Insplorion AB (Publ)

24 Apr 2018

Conversion of convertible notes into shares under the financing agreement announced on December 19th 2017. The date of conversion was April 20 2018 and the number of Notes converted was… Read more

Insplorion sells Acoulyte Module to Prof. Marletta at University of Catania, Italy

13 Apr 2018

Professor Giovanni Marletta and his research team at the department of Chemical Sciences, University of Catania is working within the fields of functional biointerfaces, including biosensors and stimuli-responsive ultrathin films. Read more

Positive results verify the possibility of profitable serial production of Insplorion’s nanosensors

28 Mar 2018

The pre-study project, in collaboration with RISE Acreo, “Miniaturization of a nanosensor system for batteries” verifies that it is possible to build very cheap fiber optic sensor systems that meet… Read more