Insplorion prolongs the maturity period and the period for conversion into shares of the convertible debentures in series KV1 2018/2019

25 Jan 2019

On 24 January 2019 the board of directors of Insplorion resolved to prolong the maturity period and the period for conversion into shares of convertible debentures of series KV1 2018/2019… Read more

Insplorion’s InBAT Sensing project is financed with €860 000 within the Eurostars programme

17 Jan 2019

Insplorion’s application for funding of the battery sensor project, “InBAT Sensing”, has been approved and will be financed with €860 000. About 60% of the grant is directed to Insplorion. Read more

Key personnel subscribe for shares through warrants within the company’s incentive program

03 Jan 2019

Key personnel subscribe for 16,000 shares and the company will receive a total of SEK 259 200. The series 2016/2018 is completed with this last subscription. “It is positive that… Read more

Successful evaluation of Insplorion’s Eurostars application

21 Dec 2018

Insplorion’s application for funding of the battery sensor project, “InBAT Sensing”, has been positively evaluated. The overall score was well above the threshold value. AGM Batteries Ltd (UK) is a… Read more

Insplorion and Leading Light starts collaboration to take smart lighting with air quality sensors to the market

19 Dec 2018

Leading Light are today selling smart lighting systems to cities and municipalities that aim to reduce their environmental impact through efficient energy management for their lighting solutions. Insplorion’s air quality… Read more

Insplorion sells an XNano system with an Acoulyte ad-on to Professor Souhir Boujday at LRS, Sorbonne University in Paris, which becomes an Insplorion Reference Center

30 Nov 2018

Professor Souhir Boujday at Laboratoire de Réactivité de Surface (LRS), Sorbonne University, has experience from Insplorion’s XNano since her time at NTU, Singapore, a reference center for Insplorion. This is… Read more

Delårsrapport januari – september 2018

14 Nov 2018

Sammanfattning av rapportperioden 1 juli – 30 september 2018 • Omsättning uppgick till 91 (273) KSEK • Rörelsens intäkter uppgick till 823 (873) KSEK • Resultat efter finansiella… Read more

The Swedish Energy Agency grants two million SEK to Insplorion’s battery sensor development

02 Nov 2018

The Swedish Energy Agency has granted Insplorion two million to further develop the battery sensor. Two research groups at Chalmers University of Technology will together with CEVT develop “A multiplex… Read more

Insplorion joins ABB’s innovation growth hub SynerLeap

05 Oct 2018

Insplorion and ABB are both aiming to accelerate the transition to fossil free energy systems and have mutual interest in making battery energy storage systems more efficient. Insplorion will within… Read more

Incentive program for management and employees fully subscribed

04 Sep 2018

CEO Patrik Dahlqvist and employees at Insplorion AB subscribe 120,000 warrants within the company’s incentive program. The CEO subscribes the largest individual item of 30,000 warrants, with remaining 90,000 warrants… Read more