19 Feb 2020

”Försäljning av NO2-sensorn inledd” • Kommersiell fas för luftkvalitetsensor inledd i samarbete med Leading Light och IVL. Utfall januari till december • Nettoomsättningen uppgick till 2 464 (2 502) KSEK. Read more

Insplorion is allocated MSEK 0,82 through the exercise of warrants

12 Feb 2020

The subscription period for TO1 has ended and the company will be added SEK 820.548. The number of shares increases by 71.352. “We are very pleased that our shareholders have… Read more

Gas sensor patent will be granted in China

31 Jan 2020

Insplorion’s gas sensor patent “Surface plasmon resonance gas sensor, gas sensing system, and gas sensing method” will be granted for the Chinese market. Insplorion has now received “Notification to Grant”… Read more

Insplorion’s management and board fully participate in the ongoing subscription of warrants TO1

29 Jan 2020

Insplorion’s management, including the CEO and all of the company’s board members, subscribe for their full share of warrants TO1. These shares account for approximately 3.5% of the total number… Read more

The subscription period for TO1 starts today

22 Jan 2020

As part of Insplorion’s previous financing strategy with ESGO, the company has distributed free options to the company’s shareholders to counter dilution. Today, on January 22, the second subscription period… Read more

Insplorion sells an XNano instrument to Dr. Tim Craggs at the University of Sheffield, UK

07 Jan 2020

Dr. Tim Craggs’ research at Department of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield is an interdisciplinary lab working within life science to, among others, address questions of protein folding, and… Read more

Battery sensor patent will be granted in Japan

30 Dec 2019

Insplorion’s battery sensor patent “Battery with sensor” will be granted for the Japanese market. The patent application was filed in April 2014 and entered the national examination phase in November… Read more

The city of Mölndal becomes the first customer of Insplorion’s and Leading Light’s smart lighting with air quality sensors

18 Dec 2019

One year ago, Insplorion and Leading Light started a collaboration in which the nitrogen dioxide sensor by Insplorion started to be integrated in Leading Light’s smart lighting platform. With the… Read more

Insplorions valberedning inför årsstämman 2020 är utsedd

09 Dec 2019

Valberedningens ledamöter består av Mikael Hägg, Fredrik Sanell och Elin Langhammer. Valberedningens ordförande är Mikael Hägg som kan nås på 0727-17 17 11.   I enlighet med årsstämmans beslut ska bolagets… Read more

Insplorion provides offer to test a combination of their NO2 sensor and IVL’s diffusive sampler

06 Dec 2019

Insplorion and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd. have signed a collaboration agreement to test a combined measurement system for NO2 on the Swedish market. The measurement system consists of… Read more