Vinnova – Vinn Nu

23 Feb 2011

Today Insplorion was awarded 300,000 SEK from Vinnova’s program Vinn Nu. Read more about it here. Read more

Insplorion’s technology praised again

23 Feb 2011

A research group lead by Professor Jiaguo Yu, at Wuhan University in China, has written a review-article of Insplorion’s technology as it was described in the magazine Science in November… Read more

Insplorion in Ny Teknik

23 Feb 2011

Insplorion and Prof. Bengt Kasemo are highlighted in today’s issue of the Swedish newspaper Ny Teknik. Read the article here. Read more

Plasmonics – Hottest Trend in 2011

21 Jan 2011

The magazine Ny Teknik today listed Plasmonics as one of the hottest technology trends in 2011 and Insplorion was mentioned as one of the growing number of Swedish startups having… Read more