07 Jun 2011

Insplorion is featured in the latest issue of the Swedish magazine Kemivärlden on page 22-23. Find the online version of the magazine here. Read more

Application Notes

18 Apr 2011

Application Notes have now been added to the webpage, find them here. These are made to illustrate various systems for which Insplorion’s technology has been used for studies. Read more

Reference Customers

14 Apr 2011

Under the heading Products a new tab is added with information and quotes from important Reference Customers. Find the tab here. Read more

Winner of Swedish Cleantech Business Award

17 Mar 2011

Today at the conference Energiutblicken, Insplorion won Swedish Cleantech Business Award as best presenting company. The competition was arranged by Energimyndigheten and the prize consisted of 100,000 SEK for export… Read more

Successful Installation in Eindhoven

15 Mar 2011

An instrument from Insplorion has been installed at Eindhoven University of Technology for use within catalysis development. Head of the department is Prof. Hans Niemantsverdriet (seen furthest to the right… Read more

Publication in Science

23 Feb 2011

Insplorion’s technology is today presented in the online version of the world’s most renowned scientific magazine Science. Special focus is on the technology’s unique ability for real-time monitoring of catalytic… Read more

Forskning & Framsteg

23 Feb 2011

Insplorion is highlighted in the latest issue of the Swedish magazine Forskning & Framsteg, read the full article here. Read more

Vinnova – Vinn Nu

23 Feb 2011

Today Insplorion was awarded 300,000 SEK from Vinnova’s program Vinn Nu. Read more about it here. Read more

Insplorion’s technology praised again

23 Feb 2011

A research group lead by Professor Jiaguo Yu, at Wuhan University in China, has written a review-article of Insplorion’s technology as it was described in the magazine Science in November… Read more

Insplorion in Ny Teknik

23 Feb 2011

Insplorion and Prof. Bengt Kasemo are highlighted in today’s issue of the Swedish newspaper Ny Teknik. Read the article here. Read more