Leading German automotive OEM purchases Insplorion’s battery development instrument

14 Sep 2021

A leading German automotive manufacturer has purchased Insplorion’s battery development instrument. The purchase follows a 6-month rental period, during which they have evaluated the capabilities of Insplorion’s Nanoplasmonic Sensing (NPS) technology to study and optimize batteries for various applications. The order value is in the range of 500 kSEK after deduction of distributor and rental fees.

There is currently a lack of instruments that provide information about the chemical processes occurring inside batteries during operation. Insplorion’s NPS technology fills this gap by providing information about chemical processes as well as temperature changes inside batteries. This information is important for optimizing battery packs during usage, as is the objective of Insplorion’s on-board battery sensors. The ability to obtain data from the inside of the battery, whereas other technologies only measure voltage, temperature, and current on the outside, can enable more efficient battery usage allowing for example increased driving distance and faster charging.

In addition to being useful for on-board sensor applications, the information provided by Insplorion’s battery sensor is important during the test and development phase for the automotive industry, when selecting between different battery chemistries, cell types and cell sizes as well as when optimizing the battery pack control system. With this information the time to develop new and improved batteries may be significantly shortened.

“It is of course very positive that the leading German automotive manufacturer that we have worked together with during this year see how our technology can positively impact their electrification strategy and that they choose to be a long-term customer. It is of strategic value for us to have our instrument in the development department of automotive OEMs as this will increase the adoption speed of our technology as an on-board sensor in the future”, comments Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO at Insplorion.

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