A nano-student at Insplorion

Hey everyone! I am Martin Sech, and until the start of summer, I will be doing my master thesis here which involves energy optimization of Insplorion’s air quality sensor. 14 Feb 2019

Insplorion shapes the future of the energy sector with Equinor (Statoil)

Last week, we, Patrik and David, went to Oslo to meet people and partners within The European Innovation Council (EIC) and Equinor, formerly known as Statoil. Insplorion was one of… 04 Feb 2019

Broken Sensors…New Year, New Lessons!

Since coming back to work last week, I am finally spending some quality time in the lab. I have been running standard tests with our Acoulyte unit, which works… 08 Jan 2019

ACES – Adaptive Control of Energy Storage

First workshop meeting, after the kick-off, for the team within the ACES project, during which Elin and I, together with project partner Mikael from RISE, visited the energy storage solution… 12 Dec 2018

The first installation in Paris

Installation complete at Sorbonne in Paris! Our first customer in France just got their XNano and Acoulyte instruments up and running. We are eager to see what brilliant results come… 11 Dec 2018

Throwback to Acoulyte’s Design Evolution!

I have always been fascinated with history and evolution, even pertaining to the most ordinary things. As a new employee, I find it exciting to… 07 Dec 2018

Hydrogen sensors, anyone?

Since the very beginning the use of our Nanoplasmonic Sensing for hydrogen (H2) sensors has been a topic within Insplorion. Back in 2008, two years before… 23 Nov 2018

SUST installation and AQ in Shenzhen

We (Olof and Joao) are in Shenzhen, China, visiting a recent customer, Prof. Yibin Bu at the Southern University of Science and Technology. Michael Gao at Honoprof, our distributor, also… 05 Nov 2018

Hello everyone!

My name is João Rosa and I am the new application specialist at Insplorion. I feel very privileged and excited to join the company. Science and Technology are my passions. 05 Nov 2018

Battery sensor in research

Today we got an update on the progress at Uppsala University, where our researchers Professor Fredrik Björefors (right) and PhD student Jonas Hedman (left) are using the Insplorion battery sensors… 16 Oct 2018