Utilization workshop

A few weeks ago I had the honour to present my experiences and the journey of being involved in transferring a research invention into a spin-off venture, and subsequently into… 24 May 2019

Networking at NAME in Edinburgh

The Nucleic Acids in MEdicine (NAME) 2019 meeting happened earlier this week in Edinburgh. NAME is a networking and brainstorming meeting funded by the Scottish Research Partnership in Engineering in… 17 Apr 2019

Deep Tech on Display: EU EIC in Brussels 2019

David and I (Maryam) were in Brussels last week participating in the Deep Tech on Display #EU_EIC Corporate Matchmaking Days for two very intense days at the Procter &… 09 Apr 2019

China in Stockholm

Nordic China Smart City Conference 2019 was a very exciting and interesting experience. More than 200 Chinese and Nordic business and governmental representatives gathered to discuss challenges within environmental degradation… 29 Mar 2019

MAN selects Insplorion as one of the innovative companies

Insplorion was one of 18 companies selected by the Truck and Bus manufacturer MAN at their European Innovation Council Day last week. Companies has first to pass the selection of… 28 Mar 2019

Insplorion on the list when IVA turns 100 years

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences or Kungliga Ingenj√∂rsvetenskapsakademien (IVA) turns 100 years this year and celebrates this by putting together a list of projects that show potential, achievability, relevance… 22 Mar 2019

A Visiting PhD’s Outlook: What an invaluable experience!

Do you want to experience research from the business side? Want to learn how to take your research that extra mile? Being here at Insplorion has shown me how… 15 Mar 2019

Starting up Eurostar-InBAT with AGM

Our pre-startup meeting, reviewing the goals and work packages within the Eurostar-InBAT project, was, as expected, a good one. The activity at AGM Batteries and how it grows together with… 12 Mar 2019

Visit to Japan

Insplorion’s visit to Japan this past week has been fantastic. We visited customers and our distributor, Meiwafosis, who took great care to make sure everything went smoothly. Meiwafosis has… 04 Mar 2019

Insplorion in Nanovation podcast – Collective oscillations

Insplorion’s Patrik Dalqvist, CEO and Elin Langhammer, CTO, joined Professor Michael Filler to talk about the company’s birth, the science behind their nanoplasmonic sensor technology, their early attempts to achieve… 19 Feb 2019