Students at Insplorion: Air Quality

Hello everyone! I am Damien Pierce and I’m pleased to be working as part of the Insplorion team. My master thesis project involves investigating the effect of Nitrogen Dioxide and… 22 Apr 2020

Students at Insplorion: Fibers

When I was shopping around for a master’s thesis, I found a listing with a project at Insplorion. I remembered a friend talking about the work he had done with… 15 Apr 2020

Students at Insplorion: Hydrogen

The first time I heard about Insplorion was during a course called Surface and Nanophysics that I was taking as part of my master programme in Applied Physics at Chalmers. 08 Apr 2020

Insplorion User at the Forefront of Antiviral Research

The new coronavirus (Covid-19) has been a constant in world news in the last few months. The development of new treatments and vaccines for the virus are now one of… 18 Mar 2020

Coventry University

Insplorion is very fond of collaborating with industry, university, and research institutes because of the opportunities to create synergy (pardon the buzzword), combine expertise and knowledge, and jointly make progress… 12 Mar 2020

Batteries Sweden (BASE) Kick-Off

Last Friday as I was sitting on the train back to Göteborg from Västerås, where we officially kicked off the Batteries Sweden, or BASE, competence center, I couldn’t help but… 10 Feb 2020

Research Instruments User Meeting

Insplorion started off 2020 with the first ever Research Instruments User Meeting last week. We invited our customers and collaborators to two days of workshops, presentations, and networking in Paris. 23 Jan 2020

ACES Meeting in Paris

What will the power grid of the future look like? Historically, electricity has been supplied to homes, businesses, and industry primarily from nuclear, coal, oil, and hydropower, sources that are… 20 Nov 2019

FED Conference

Sometimes, here at Insplorion, we leave the nanoscale for a while and focus on mega- or even giga-scale. Last week I got the opportunity to join Patrik at the FED… 10 Oct 2019

Results Day at Mistra Innovation

Mistra Innovation organized a Results Day on the 18th of September at a very beautiful venue in Aspenäs. Olof, Patrik and I attended this meeting. To briefly mention, Mistra Innovation… 04 Oct 2019