ACES – Adaptive Control of Energy Storage

12 Dec 2018

First workshop meeting, after the kick-off, for the team within the ACES project, during which Elin and I, together with project partner Mikael from RISE, visited the energy storage solution facility at Fraunhofer IFF in Magdeburg. Fraunhofer IFF will help us realize our first pack level system demonstrator with integrated NPS sensors, together with our partner AGM Batteries who will deliver the cells. Fraunhofer IFF has long experience working with energy storage solutions and also have valuable input on how to provide the largest benefits to the power grid. Insplorion’s NPS battery sensor will enable more accurate monitoring of the battery status, which, for example, will allow more complex and versatile usage of the battery storage facilities. Today, the lack of reliable information from the processes occurring inside the cells prevent their full potential from being used. The NPS sensors may, thus, open up new business opportunities for the owners of energy storage systems by providing reliable information about whether a certain usage of the batteries is worth it or not when taking into account the effect on battery performance and ageing. /David